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    • I have lost power to my hot tub

      Lost power may mean a surge in power. please go to the RCD surge protector and reset the power.Never open the waterproof power box. 

    • Woke up today and the hot tub is cold.

      The power, heater (FLAME BUTTON) must be turned on all the time for the duration of your hire of your hot tub. If you have turned the flame off? then empty some water out of the hot tub while running hot water into the hot tub. MAKE SURE NO ONE IS IN THE HOT TUB. 

    • Our eyes are stinging

      You may have put too much chlorine into the hot tub. please run the bubble function for 2 sessions. and open up the gazebo door. 

    • The water looks dirty

      Everyone must shower before entering the hot tub. also wearing fake tan, make up or sun tan lotion will block the filtration system, cause damage to our equipment and ruin your experience. If this is the case. turn off all power empty the spa. and replace the water.

    • The speaker Keeps Cutting Out

      Please recharge the speaker so that it has enough output power. and reduce the volume.

    • There is a water leak

      Please tighten the cupling between the spa and the hot tubs pump. turn clockwise. if this fails then adjust the level of the pump by placing shores underneath the pump the level.  if this fails then unscrew the cuplings and re tighten as they may be cross threaded. or  contact us for support.

    • The hot tub is not getting hot

      1) Is the filter clean?

      2) is there grass around the filter inlet?

      3) Is the heater (FLAME) On?

      4) Was the heater (Flame) switched off over night?

      5) During very long periods of usage the temperature will decrease. 

      If you are still unable to increase the temperature please contact us.

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